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For example, there is no logical explanation on why something happened exactly to you, exactly in that moment. Some would call it a coincidence, but astrology and other approaches that are not recognized as official scientific fields, may have some answers. According to astrology, planetary positions affect not only what is so obvious, such as night and day shifts, tides or something like that. They shape up destinies of people. The positions of planets, at the time a person was born, mould their life, their character and their destiny.

Horoscopes tell us about that. Horoscope or a birth chart represents the exact positions of planets for each individual. This chart is divided into what is in astrology known as houses. Each of these houses stands for particular aspect of your life, such as, for example, health, career, love and else. By analyzing your chart, an expert could tell you what might await you in future. He or she would not give you concrete answers, so do not get disappointed.

Your horoscope gives even more valuable information. It tells you about your potentials and it is only up to you to see them developed. It could tell you about your relationships with other people. If you are particularly interested into love compatibility with someone, astrology can be of great help. If you are interested in basics, let us tell you more about zodiac compatibility. Each sign could be combined with the other; there are so many interesting and colorful relationships between people. The diversity is astounding and that is what makes our lives exciting and lively, for a great part.

There are no incompatible zodiac signs, but there are couples whose relationship is easy and natural and those with conflicted attitudes.

Gemini & Capricorn: Love Compatibility

Sometimes, people of completely different signs, meaning opposite in zodiac circle, could match incredibly well, while those who are similar fail to make a romantic connection. It all depends on individual experience, life circumstances and many more factors. However, signs under which we were born shape up our character and temperament to some point that is not negligible.

What Zodiac Signs Are Best Compatible With Gemini?

Before we move on to interpretation of compatibility between Pisces man and Gemini woman, let us analyze each one of them separately. Learning about personal traits of each representative of zodiac could greatly help in understanding the connections between them.

Summary of Gemini compatibility

We will start with incredibly intuitive and empathic Pisces man. He is truly an enigma of zodiac, very much like his beautiful female counterpart. Pisces man is someone who will definitely spark your imagination. He is an intriguing character, a person you will find hard to get to know and to understand to the fullest. Many would say Pisces in general face life challenges with difficulty, but that is not exactly the truth.

The thing is Pisces appear melancholic and as if they simply accept the tides of destiny. However, Pisces man is very much aware that life is not a fairytale. However, his imaginative, creative and intuitive mind actually turns life into his own fairytale. Pisces man does not try to trick himself and reject the reality, but he wants it different. He is a dreamer, indeed. His dual nature makes him appear as living in two worlds, at the same time. Pisces man does not like confrontation and aggression.

He is generous, kind, compassionate and he finds it easy to help anyone.

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In fact, it fills his heart with great joy. Pisces man is a pacifist; he would always try to make things right by peaceful, calm approach and dialog. He usually has many creative ideas that might as well astound you. He is, definitely, one of the most forgiving zodiac signs. He would try to understand every action and behavior of other people and find a suitable explanation and excuse.

Mercury influences the mind and conveys deep wisdom and philosophical thinking on those it influences. When it comes to both love and sex, the Gemini female is the epitome of what it means to be spontaneous. Possessive partners will find a relationship with a Gemini woman will end in ruin: She cannot be owned, captured, possessed, or trained. You must accept her, her friends, family, and whatever package deal she comes with too. Consider this connection as the hook, line, and sinker!

A LOT. Traveling will fill her need for airiness and taking flight, and a bit of escaping from reality will satiate her cravings for continuous adventure. If you are insecure in any way, cast all doubts aside now. Not to worry if your Gemini lady returns your affections you are her one and only. She remains loyal. At first, you might have trouble keeping up as the Gemini woman. She never lingers too long doing one thing or experiencing another. Life is short, time is fleeting, and the Gemini woman lives life with the constant ticking of the clock sounding off in her head.

You might look at her and see her acting like a butterfly. If she is a bit out of balance with her energies, she may withdraw from the conversation. She might also talk as if she were talking at you rather than to you. How will you know the difference? Gemini women are people who love to experience all that life offers.

She is Queen of the conversationalists! Even better, you will never run out of intriguing things to talk about because Gemini Women have minds that make them ideal players of games like Trivial Pursuit. With the bits of amazing knowledge, the Gemini female retains, she would certainly make an exceptional tutor or educator.

When dealing with boredom, the Gemini female is more likely to discover herself a bit of mischief, and she may experience anxiety, nervousness, or even become a bit strung out from stress. If your Gemini female manages to get her shadow side under control, she may prove creative. She may even demonstrate some serious artistic tendencies: encouraging these attributes is important as it is a way for your Gemini woman to self-explore, expand her horizons, and control her anxious and stressful moods, through creative endeavors she can deal with emotions in a safe environment, absent of things that might get her into mischief.


In the home, the Gemini Woman is likely to switch up the modern interior style with brand new themes, colors, and furnishings. Her taste for decor is not based on seasonal or yearly changes. Rather, pretty much whenever the whim strikes her fancy determines decor theme. Her ever social nature promises us lovely dining engagements, parties, and opportunities to socialize whenever in a home where the female head of household is a Gemini. Gemini women love to discuss every aspect of the household.

If she becomes overly talkative, this is a cue that she is feeling ignored and is looking for someone to acknowledge her voice as one of import. Be sure to tune into what she has to say when she speaks. The sign also rules over the humerus upper arm bone , scapula shoulder blade , and the vocal cords. This double sign is prone to having more than one illness, so co-morbidity in the Gemini female is high. Gemini women can suffer from respiratory conditions, and health issues affecting the throat, breathing, and in some cases, psychological issues related to anxiety, restlessness, or nervousness arise.

Regarding career choice, the Gemini Woman may struggle to buckle down with just one career. Instead, may change jobs until she feels she is working in a job she is passionate about: A job where she can wake up in the morning and not have to drag her butt out of bed and force herself to go to every day. Here friendliness, wit, smarts, and adaptability make it all too easy for the Gemini Woman to shift from one job to the next.

With her tremendous skills in communication, it is likely her job will focus on this area.

Gemini Woman Love Advice

Some employment options might include working for a phone service, becoming a tutor or educator, lawyer, doctor, counselor, and her interests in extremes might find her interested in conditions affecting the mind, like psychology or psychiatry. Gemini women are also excellent with their hands, and they make excellent painters, sculptors, quilters, sewers, graphic designers, interior designers, and the like.

At the same time, their taste for the new, exciting, and unusual might have them interested in the art of illusion and sleight of hand magic tricks. Gemini can often put themselves in other people's shoes, thanks to their love of creativity and literature. In this case, though, Gemini shouldn't try to imagine what their water sign lover is thinking.

It's best to ask them upfront. By simply listening and not trying to fix things, Gemini can help pave the way to a lifelong love. Have your heart set on a Gemini?

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  • Join the line. While captivating Gemini is a clear crush for many signs, if you want the Twins to actually notice you, you'll need to prove you can keep up and add something of value to their lives. And don't be jealous. Gemini abhor jealousy, so snarky comments or passive-aggressive digs won't be tolerated. Remember, when a Gemini has chosen to spend time with you, you're his or her main focus. Don't blow it. Here are three more ways to make sure that a Gemini loves you back:. Get your culture on. Gemini loves culture and will never say no to tickets for a play or movie.

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    • And make sure you have opinions. They want to talk feelings, themes, motifs, and how you would have directed it better. Be flirty. Gemini loves the thrill of the chase, and even cheesy pickup lines will make this seasoned player crack a smile. They give as good as they get, so witty banter and repartee are essential to hold a Gemini's attention. Have a plan. While Gemini is fine coming up with an idea on the fly, they're seriously impressed and touched by a date that was planned with creativity and whimsy.

      You already know that this sign loves parties and socializing, but they'll appreciate a more creative plan than a night at the club—mini golf, a scavenger hunt, or a trip to some specialty restaurant will win you major points with a Gemini. Intense and passionate, Gemini wants it all in bed. They want to be caressed and overtaken, cherished and in control.

      A Gemini's needs in bed will depend on his or her mood. Learning to read your Gemini lover and anticipate the plan for the evening will be a lifelong lesson that will serve you both well. Gemini don't shy away from dirty talk—they'll tell you what they want and where they want your hands.

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      And you should add your own voice to the mix, too. While Gemini is fine taking the role of director in the bedroom, he or she doesn't want you to be a passive participant. Roleplay is fun for Gemini, and this sign is also interested in pushing boundaries and trying new things in bed.

      But before you do, talk about what's going to happen. It may not seem sexy or spontaneous, but knowing that you're both on the same page will free Gemini up to let go like nothing else. Props in bed can be fun—toys, handcuffs, lube, or flavored condoms appeal to Gemini's whimsical side.

      Laughter in bed can be a great thing. This sign isn't ashamed of sex, loving and embracing their sexuality as an integral part of their whole self. In that way, Gemini incorporate sexuality in their everyday life, and loves sending suggestive Snaps throughout the day or having a days-long texting fantasy. Don't overanalyze her.

      Gemini Woman

      A Gemini woman knows exactly who she is and doesn't appreciate anyone , man or woman, telling her something about her personality. And don't assume that her actions are all about you. A Gemini woman always has a million things on her to-do list, and her lover needs to accept that he or she may not always be first on that list.