Capricorn daily horoscope december 12

Virgo, you are clear and concise today.

Capricorn Horoscope

No one will have to wonder what you are thinking. You will be honest and tell them. Try to deliver your heart felt messages with tact and love. It will be needed. Libra, an idea that you have and imagine would be good for you now, you might need to let it go in order for you to find your joy again. Scorpio, follow your passion and listen to your inner voice today. You may have to humble yourself in order to learn from others to accomplish a goal or learn a new skill.

Daily horoscope for Tuesday December 12 – here’s what the stars have in store for you today

When you feel that inner child rejoice you know you've found your passion again. Sagittarius, a project you had hoped would have completed by now may yet have the final touches added. When you do complete what you've started, don't let the relief of a job well-done go by you without praising yourself.

Capricorn, giving feels good but sometimes you can spend too much time giving to others and miss out on time you need for yourself. You must figure out what you need to bring balance back into your life. Aquarius, a choice needs to be made but you may not want to rush it. Thinking is required and taking your time is advisable right now.

Let the waiting period be a part of the process that gives you a chance to assess the magnitude of your decision. Pisces, don't let others tell you how you should feel. Remember to let yourself have fun, too!

Lighten up and share your wacky, down-to-earth humor. When you get moody, let your family and closest friends be there for you—just as you always are for them. Get the Horoscope Guide! Capricorn Horoscope December 22 to January You may also like. But the factors that caused the problem have not gone away, so find out what they are and do something about them.

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Geminis are hugely talented but sometimes you fall short of your potential because you find it hard to focus on one thing at a time. Decide what it is you really want to see succeed in your life, then give it — and only it — per cent. A little of what you fancy will do you good today but it's unlikely you will be satisfied with just a little. Mars and Jupiter in your fellow water sign of Scorpio make you hugely ambitious, so you'll take what you want — then take some more.

What a friend or work colleague tells you today may sound reasonable but can you be certain it's the truth?

The planets warn they may not have your best interests at heart, so make sure you are on top of all the facts and figures before you proceed. There is not much point making plans at the moment because they are sure to change as you go along, if not by the minute then certainly by the hour.

Work out which way the wind is blowing, then move in that direction with speed and confidence.

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If you act without thinking today you will most likely end up kicking yourself later in the week for being so impatient. Don't listen to those who urge you to make up your mind quickly — you are under no obligation to choose a path right at this moment.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Dec 12 – The Daily Capricorn – Podcast – Podtail

People who don't like the way you act will express their disapproval today and, as usual, you will ignore them. They should have got the message by now but at some stage you will have to remind them: Scorpios NEVER give in to criticism.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

There is a reason why your plans did not work out as expected and if you stand back from the situation you will be able to see what it is. Next time, find out what other people really want before trying to give them what you think they want. You can go it alone if you wish but you will travel faster and further if you include other people in your plans over the next few days. Teamwork may at times be a pain but if you want to get anywhere worth going then it's a must.

Whatever issues you are confronted with today you can and you will overcome them.