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Remember, there is nothing wrong with seeking help or advice; be open to others, and you may find their is less judgement, but more empathy and understanding when it comes to things that concern you. What does have in store for you?

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Talk with an expert psychic now to find out! Oct 09, - This is a powerful time for you emotionally, Pisces, so don't be surprised if memories from the past come flooding back; it is important not to brood for too long, and to remember that everything happens for a reason; when one door closes, another tends to open. Write down all the things that make you feel happy, grateful and appreciative for today; has someone in your life not been feeling appreciated lately? Today is the day to show others how special they are to you! Eat plenty of green veggies, as well as red and orange bell peppers for these are excellent for your Vitamin C levels; munching on red peppers with avocado and smoked salmon can be great for your omega 3 levels, as well as keeping your heart healthy.

Oct 10, - Today, Pisces, is a good time for you to put your worries and stresses behind you and instead focus on things that are most dear to you; it may be something that you haven't concentrated on for some time - or ever! Keeping note of your thoughts is highly recommended as it provides you with the opportunity to look back on them and think of how they correlate with your thoughts at the time.

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Sometimes nostalgia can creep up on you so it is good for you to help written notes of your thoughts and feelings on a given day. Drink plenty of water to prevent feelings of fatigue, which can lead to irritability and lethargy. Eating plenty of fibre-rich foods is also highly recommended.

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  • Since you are upset and worried, your productivity levels decline at work, which might annoy your seniors. Do not get involved in huge money transactions today. Career : Career will be stored with hurdles and unknown situation that will demand immediate attention and decision and you will be able to cope with any kind of adverse situation and will have confirm gains. October If your Birthday is coming, it's the right time to request a Birthday Horoscope Your one Year forecast awaits you! Read all about Pisces Horoscope At the point when the local is conceived in Pisces Moon Sign, the feelings are probably going to be articulated.

    Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and has a lot to do with sensitivity especially toward oneself, to other individuals, and to the mystifying, inconspicuous powers that shape our reality.

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    Happy September, Pisces. August encouraged you to advocate for your needs. You're an adaptable fish, but life feels extra hazy when lover planet Venus opposes one of your ruling planets, Neptune, in Pisces on Wednesday, September 4. At the risk of sounding paranoid, don't believe everything people tell you.

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    You want to see the best in people, but right now, others may take advantage of your caring nature. Unwind with your favorite TV show or hang with friends you fully trust. Pisces can get a bad rap for being lazy, but you're just an expert at relaxation when you're not stuck in your own head over-thinking.

    On Saturday, September 7 , communication planet Mercury, which is currently in Virgo, opposes Neptune in Pisces, creating even more confusion. Communication may feel difficult, and just like when Mercury is retrograde, avoid signing major paperwork.

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    Spend this day taking it easy and avoid making commitments. This feeling of confusion turns inward on Tuesday, September 10 , when the sun in diligent Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces.

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