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Ephemeris for December 12222

Centaur Nessus. Centaur Asbolus. Centaur Hylonome. Centaur Thereus PT Each table covers one calendar month and contains geocentric longitudes of the Sun, the Moon and eight planets from Mercury to the Pluto in the tropical Zodiac for 0h GMT.

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Our ephemeris are created for the resolution of this problem. See, for example: Fitzwalter B. Some astrologers prefer to consider Lilith as second, free focus of the lunar orbit it does not matter for its geocentric coordinates because for the tellurian observer both focal point and apogee always are in the same degree of the Zodiac.

VERY RARE Six Planet Transit In 7th House On 25th Dec 2019 And Rules Of Transits

Lilith is considered by the astrologers in two basic variants: osculating, or "true" Black Moon its movement is non-even, with the periods of retrograde and direct motion and "mean" Black Moon its movement along the geocentric Zodiac is completely even. Accordingly, the consideration of the perigee of the lunar orbit as "true" and "mean" White Moon is also possible. From this point of view, the White Moon always forms exact opposition to the Black Moon.

In our ephemeris the third variant of calculation of the Black and White Moon also is present. It was independently outlined by Miguel Garcia in Spain and by Dieter Koch, the co-author of the Swiss Ephemeris, who calls it "interpolated" apogee, and later actualized by Juan Revilla in his software.

Juan writes: "The position called by Riyal "Natural Apogee" simply applies an interpolation to find the approximate intermediate values between the Moon position at one apogee occurrence and the next.

Mercury Retrograde dates in 12222:

When the apogee and perigee are calculated this way, they are never degrees apart. The perigee must be calculated separately. This approach to the lunar apogee or Black Moon, based on past and future coordinate points instead of instantaneous positions and geometrical projections, represents a mixture of temporal planes and contradicts how all other radical astronomical points in the chart are calculated.

About the approaches to astrological interpretation of Varuna see the article by D. Kutalyov "Varuna: Angel or Demon? Furthermore, DW is a largest minor planet of Solar system. Their aphelia are beyond Pluto and Kuiper belt. If you want to know what the ephemeris are exactly, we have given a broad definition in this article and here instead we describe and give to all of you the complete table with the Swiss ephemeris for the ninth month of the year that is, for September, calculated for every midnight of each day.

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I'm looking for the astrological ephemeris of the month of September of the new year Where can I find great ephemeris online for free? Do I need to download or print the ephemeris of September for free to know the correct position of the planets in the various signs of the zodiac? Who helps me to find a table online with the daily ephemeris of the month of September ? Below, in fact, you can read a very colorful and easy to understand table.

First, let's say that if you want, you can download for free all the months of the new year and then all the ephemeris of the year in PDF format instead of PNG and then as an image.

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Below you find the link for the entire download of the document. Otherwise you can only download the table with the epitome of September or go to another month finding and clicking on the links immediately after the table. But how does this table work and how do you read it? Meanwhile on the left column you can see the various days of the month of September while on the first line you can read the names of the various planets, starting from the Sun to continue with the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. This will be exact for the third time at the end of January And so it goes.

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Table of Mercury Retrograde Dates to Year 2030

I use a book, but you can access the same information on astro. In the example below, I want to see where each of the planets are on Sunday 5 January. First look to the top of the column to see the symbol for the sign the planet is in at the start of the month.

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The Sun is at 14 Capricorn, Mercury at 18 Capricorn etc. Because there is a R in the top of the column for Jupiter see the green circle in the pic above , we know that Jupiter was already retrograde at the start of this month. If the status of that planet changes during the month, it will be indicated in the column.

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