December 27 weekly horoscope

Romantic partners are appreciative and co-operative. Remember that you need more sleep. They say one hour before midnight is worth two hours after midnight. Leo July Aug. Like Gemini, you are keen to get back on a better health regime with respect to diet and exercise. Virgo Aug. Discuss vacation possibilities or make social plans.

You feel flirtatious and funloving today, which is why you want to discuss fun stuff. Siblings, relatives and neighbours will be in the picture. Libra Sept. Use this energy to clean and maintain what you own, because this will please you. Scorpio Oct. You want to talk to others, do errands, take short trips and be on the go all day.

December 27th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Capricorn - Part 2

You love this positive energy. Sagittarius Nov.

Your Horoscope For This Week — Dec 27 2015

It always amazes me. Capricorn Dec. Talk to others about your hopes and dreams for the future because their feedback will help you. With the Sun in your sign, you attract favourable situations and important people to you. Aquarius Jan. Specifically, personal details about your private life might be public, especially to authority figures.


Be aware of this in case you have to do some damage control. Travel and educational plans look promising. Pisces Feb. Today you will enjoy schmoozing with people from other countries and different backgrounds because you want to learn more about other cultures and different ways of life. Younger, creative people are in your life now and this is stimulating.

Your Horoscope for the Week of December 27

You have a generous spirit and, even more than that, you are noble. You believe that offering service and help to others is the highest good. With your detailed nature, you may see it as an invitation for longer days in the northern hemisphere. The Full Moon over the weekend is especially powerful to help deepen commitments. Mercury squares Neptune as Christmas arrives.

Enjoy the confusion. It creates the flexibility for a magical event. This is a power-packed week. Already feeling it? The Winter Solstice holds meaning, but right now you may be busy making things beautiful and bright. The Full Moon over the weekend is nostalgic. Feeling reflective? Anything could happen!


There are an infinite number of ways to be surprised. The Winter Solstice adds a blanket of calm. You are wrapped up and soothed, buffered from those who like to inflame. The Full Moon gifts you the depth of understanding, especially at a distance.

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Mercury squares Neptune with Christmas arriving. Let the communication fog lift, first. Jupiter and Mercury combine in Sagittarius for the Winter Solstice. Treat yourself kindly. Proper food and rest help handle this powerful conjunction. What you think, hear, and respond to require great focus. Mercury squares Neptune to make a breakthrough for Christmas.

This is your time of year. The Winter Solstice occurs as the Sun enters your sign. Happy Birthday! The longest night of the year means you restore yourself more deeply. The Full Moon over the weekend lights up mirror-images in a relationship. Mercury squares Neptune just as Christmas is arriving.

While the boundaries blur, the magic goes into effect. Perfection belongs to logic. That is, unless your concept comes from the heart. Then, all moves in sync.

Tarnished details release. The Winter Solstice offers the longest night of the year.

Restore yourself with a warm, cozy rest. The Full Moon lights up work over the weekend. There may be money in this. Mercury squares Neptune. Christmas holds deeper feelings than you may expect. Your mystical sense comes from a higher source. The placement of Pisces connects you to the cosmos.