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But when you dilute your power, you undermine yourself. Pluto is the archetype of power and evolution.

Pluto as the dominant planet: power, sexuality, depth

You evolve slowly and constantly, by learning about yourself through relationships. Which means learning about the other person. This is also how you maintain your power. So you push forward, emotionally, sexually and intellectually, seeking to get to the core of the matter. This mix of intensity and mystery is like catnip for certain people.

You have the ability to support and heal your partner. Who better to address his deepest wounds than the person who walks through the shadows with him? Not everyone wants to go deep or have their secrets plundered. So while you may rein in your intensity when you first meet your lover, eventually you reach a point where you have to let him see the real you.

Superficial interactions drain you. You feel more energized by the emotionally pulverizing moments that exhaust others. You hear the pause in his voice.

Pluto: The Reason for Suffering (and How to Put Passion to Work)

Then he flees. All horoscopes and forecasts will always be free to the public.

plutonian astrology

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Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.

OuterPlanetary (Extraordinary) People – Part IV

Hi Amongst other easier aspects Iv got a yod to my sun with Pluto Saturn and Mars in Leo and Neptune in libra the resolution for this then is in Virgo with mercury its ruler in Aquarius opposite the Leo stellenium. I do get obsessed mostly with doing stuff to the end and sometimes with people but I think I might mix Neptune in mostly, others get obsessed with me too in a good and bad way, in the past to a ridiculous and horrible degree.

During challenges I often feel backed into a corner, with no place to go. Uranus conjunct. Whereas I used to feel angry whenever he ignored or dismissed me, more and more I just feel hurt, as if I need to distance myself rather than fight. This got me thinking, because the control stuff is always an obvious challenge for me, but what do you suggest when two people as Plutonic as we both are unite in how to handle this kind of power?

I would have thought he could have contained my Plutonic energy, but he went from magnetized to repulsed in a matter of an incident … flipped right after this Libra Full Moon Eclipse. Pearl I would have to analyze the synastry and composite chart. Relationship difficulties are always about more than one type of energy. Rhea I would need to look at your entire chart which would involve a consult to answer your question. Thank you for this article. I have been struggling to let go of someone for 10 years and it is so helpful to get this explanation.

Very nice to read this, Nadia. Thank you. Also sextile Neptune in Libra, 6th. Usually not overtly aware of very much because of that, except yes, a tendency to fixate and an intensity. I can always cut bait, so not sure the power game applies to me. Hi Nadia this speaks to me. Just two questions 1. You mention aspects from Pluto to personal planets.

Does angle ruler count.

Astrology of the highly sensitive person

Pluto conjunct angle ruler not personal planet 2. The planet is generally connected with activities and things that happen secretly and under the surface; it even rules the growing mushrooms or the discovery of gold and other precious things by digging underground.

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Indeed, even atomic power and nuclear research are strongly connected with the planet. And as we know, such type of forces can be used both for the benefit of humanity but also for its total destruction. One must understand that Pluto is not a negative planet, in fact, it is rather neutral. It is the way we use his powers that defines the outcome, and unfortunately, the humankind finds it easier to use such tremendous powers in a bad way.

Pluto is a generational planet, which means that it stays for long years in a sign, thus defining a whole generation. Depending on the sign that it transits, it takes him from 12 to 30 years to go through it.

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It strongly influences subconscious currents, defining mass phenomena and trends. That placement is a really strong one, as the individual might even become obsessed with obtaining control over the house matters. Every individual should research his natal Pluto placement in order to understand its functions better. Find in which house Pluto is located in your natal chart, and read the respective article to uncover more about its functions.

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  5. Find in which house your Pluto is located in your natal chart, and read the respective article to uncover more about its functions:. Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator.

    How to Know if You’re a Pluto Person —

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